Angry Birds Plush Toys

Angry Birds Plush

Everybody seems to love Rovio’s Angry Birds these days. Why not, they are cute, fun and appropriate for the whole family. I enjoy playing it on my iPhone from time to time. I was blown away by the response I got from my post about Angry Birds Halloween Costumes, the only problem was that most of the costumes sold out long before Halloween. I was also surprised to find out that even my parents are into Angry Birds. My stepfather tried to get his mom (who is 88) hooked on it while we were waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner. She seemed to enjoy a little  but it’s doubtful she will buy a smartphone to download the app any time soon. I suggested to him that he should also check out Fruit Ninja since he likes Angry Birds so much.

Angry Birds Rio Toys

I have also been surprised to find so many Angry Birds officially licensed products, you know that you’ve arrived when they put you on a Band Aid. I think that Angry Birds Plush Toys are going to be a Popular item for Christmas gifts this year, I just hope everybody that wants them has a chance to get them before they sell out. The

Rovio has done such an amazing job marketing Angry Birds, I am surprised that they don’t have a cartoon series yet (although I have heard there is one in the works). There are several limited edition Angry Birds plush toys with the main Angry birds wearing silly hats as well as Christmas stockings.  All of these items are eligible for free shipping if they are ordered directly from Amazon. Most of these plush toys come either with or without sound. I personally think I would prefer the toys that don’t have sound in my house but I’m sure Zoe would disagree.

There have been many visits to my blog by people concerned about lead in Angry Birds Toys. Every year it seems like there are rumors about one toy or another containing lead. I have researched this matter and the only reputable source I could find about this topic is this article from the New York times about the dangers of counterfeit Angry Birds products. The Angry Birds products mentioned on this blog are all officially licensed and there is no reason to be concerned about them. Any counterfeit items, however, should always be avoided no matter how good of a deal it seems.

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Beautiful Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Shopping With Zoe

I usually find myself searching through all of the Christmas cards at the store for hours to find the right ones to buy. I frequently get a little frustrated and just settle for cards I don’t think are great because I have spent so much time looking. Since I have a tendency to procrastinate, just a little bit, I usually only have the one day to decide.  It is especially difficult to shop for things like Christmas cards when I have Zoe with me. She always turns it into a game by running away and making me chase her all over the store, then tries to grab as many balloons as she can when I bring her back. As adorable as that is, it does make shopping a little more challenging.

Buying Greeting Cards Online

Last Mother’s Day, Zoe and I decided to buy a card for my mom (Zoe’s Grandma) online from Tiny Prints. We were able to sit down together at home to pick the perfect card online. There were so many options to customize Grandma’s card and we uploaded some beautiful pictures of Zoe on to it. You are able to edit the front, the middle, and the back of whatever card you choose to make it your own. After you decide what you want your cards to look like they print and send them. It was a great experience that I think everybody should try and my mom absolutely loved her card. This is the perfect site to buy cards for Christmas or any occasion.

Why I really Like Tiny Prints

This year I will use Tiny Prints for all of the cards I give. Their designs are beautiful and they offer all kinds of options you wont find anywhere else. The prices are comparable to getting cards at the store but without the hassle of having to deal with all of the people. There is also a membership plan to buy cards for even less. Here is a link to Tiny Prints Latest Coupons & Deals. They also give you the choice of getting your cards sent to you to sign or sending them directly to your loved ones, so you don’t have to bother with stamps or sending out mail. I felt that I saved lots of time, but the best part was Zoe and I were able to do all of this together at home without her getting frustrated and acting up.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Another Amazing Legend Of Zelda Game For The Wii


I’m very excited! The latest Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword, is due to come out in less than a month on November 20th, just in time for the Christmas rush. It has been 5 long years since the last installment of the Zelda series Twilight Princess came out. Nintendo knows that The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario are the reason they became so popular in the first place, so they put some serious effort in to new releases. They are definitely the reason why I have personally only bought Nintendo consoles. I have yet to miss a Legend of Zelda console release since The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past came out on the Super Nintendo. They even manage to get me to buy a new console whenever I need it to play the new Zelda game coming out.

Pre-order Bonuses

I usually don’t pre-order games because they are almost always available on the day of release but this year I might do it for the Gold controller since it is only available as a pre-release. I was able to purchase Twilight Princess easily on the day it came out, it just took a few extra days to get a Wii to play it on. My only concern is that I want to buy it from Amazon since I have lots of Amazon gift cards, but they don’t seem to be selling the gold controller bundle pack yet. All pre-orders come with a limited edition Zelda music CD regardless of where you get them from.

I have never been disappointed in any Legend of Zelda game. I am sure this one will be amazing.  This is supposed to be Nintendo’s biggest game project ever. Skyward Sword is supposed to be a Prequel to the Ocarina of Time, it’s interesting how they manage to pull off the Zelda timeline. The swordplay is supposed to be much more precise with this game because of the Wii motion plus. All of the players movements will be exact in the game. Gannondorf will be absent for the first time.

Rent Skyward Sword Before You Buy It

For anyone who is not sure whether they want to buy Skyward Sword or any other game, here is a free trial offer for a Gamefly membership. They have all of the top games for PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, DS and GBA. Use Coupon Code TENDAY To Start Your 10-day Free Trial Today To GameFly! After the free trial for a flat monthly fee, you can rent as many games as you want, without any due dates, any late fees, with pre-paid mail both ways. If you decide you really like a game, you can keep it for a low pre-played game price.

Free Promo Credit From Amazon

I just thought I would let everybody know that when I ordered Skyward Sword from Amazon I received a $10 promo credit good toward anything Amazon sells. With the promo credit and the free shipping it was less expensive than any local stores. The only trade off is having to wait a few extra days. I didn’t see any advertisements for the promo credit so it was a really nice surprise. I’m not sure if they are still doing this or if it was a limited time thing but it is sure a nice thing to get.

I have been playing Skyward sword for a few days now and I can definitely say I really like it so far. It is very similar to previous Zelda games but completely different at the same time. The movements have to be much more precise with the Wii Plus than they did in Twilight Princess. Link and Zelda are from Skyloft up in the Clouds, they ride giant birds around the sky. Zelda seems a bit crazy in this game, she tried to kill link early on by throwing him into the sky then saves him. Zelda and link seem to be teens and romantically interested in each other. Zelda gives link a Sailcloth which prevents injuries from any big falls, It is also a means of transportation in various areas and back into the clouds when needed. While they are flying around something happens to Zelda and link wakes up and has to go find her. One of the more interesting things that they put in this game is Link using the toilet then washing his hands, I don’t think I have actually seen any video game characters do that before. At this point I have gotten past the woods to the first dungeon where Zelda is supposed to be. I liked all of the giant Mushrooms and it was nice to see a Goron right away. Some of the enemies were reminiscent of the enemies from The Wind Waker but they are less cartoonish.

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