Beautiful Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Shopping With Zoe

I usually find myself searching through all of the Christmas cards at the store for hours to find the right ones to buy. I frequently get a little frustrated and just settle for cards I don’t think are great because I have spent so much time looking. Since I have a tendency to procrastinate, just a little bit, I usually only have the one day to decide.  It is especially difficult to shop for things like Christmas cards when I have Zoe with me. She always turns it into a game by running away and making me chase her all over the store, then tries to grab as many balloons as she can when I bring her back. As adorable as that is, it does make shopping a little more challenging.

Buying Greeting Cards Online

Last Mother’s Day, Zoe and I decided to buy a card for my mom (Zoe’s Grandma) online from Tiny Prints. We were able to sit down together at home to pick the perfect card online. There were so many options to customize Grandma’s card and we uploaded some beautiful pictures of Zoe on to it. You are able to edit the front, the middle, and the back of whatever card you choose to make it your own. After you decide what you want your cards to look like they print and send them. It was a great experience that I think everybody should try and my mom absolutely loved her card. This is the perfect site to buy cards for Christmas or any occasion.

Why I really Like Tiny Prints

This year I will use Tiny Prints for all of the cards I give. Their designs are beautiful and they offer all kinds of options you wont find anywhere else. The prices are comparable to getting cards at the store but without the hassle of having to deal with all of the people. There is also a membership plan to buy cards for even less. Here is a link to Tiny Prints Latest Coupons & Deals. They also give you the choice of getting your cards sent to you to sign or sending them directly to your loved ones, so you don’t have to bother with stamps or sending out mail. I felt that I saved lots of time, but the best part was Zoe and I were able to do all of this together at home without her getting frustrated and acting up.

4 comments to Beautiful Christmas Cards

  • kevin

    YEs tiny prints cards are excellent but it has been noticed that in last few Years Printed cards usage drastically dropped and people preferred to use Ecards instead.

    Anyways I wish you warmth and Happy Christmas and NewYear.

    • I always prefer to give and to receive printed cards. It sends a more thoughtful message. Some people may prefer E-cards but I think printed cards aren’t going away anytime soon.

  • Tracy

    That’s a brilliant idea to use Tiny prints to your cards just for a change. I hope you can post some photos of the cards and let others see the design. 🙂

  • Katie brown

    I hate having to find the perfect card for my family to there is like 13 of us and it realy is a pain sometimes

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