Thank you for for coming to see Stan’s Blog. Hi, I’m Stan and this is my blog. I used to be a 5th generation fisherman on the coast of Maine and I was in the beverage business for about 16 years. I’m a Single Dad of a beautiful 5 year old girl named Zoe. This blog is mainly about stuff that Zoe and I enjoy. Some of Zoe’s favorite things are Elmo, Disney Princesses, her iPhone, swings, slides, and board games.

I was severely chemically injured at work in 2010 leading to a condition known Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome or Rads for short, which is extremely painful and debilitating. Now I’m trying to follow my doctor’s advice to become an internet marketer. I have found a few ways to make a little extra cash online that I will share on this blog.

My goal is to support myself and Zoe, who has a very severe form of epilepsy called Dravet’s Syndrome, with Stansblog.com, and some of my other internet projects. I am also trying to create more awareness of RADS and epilepsy while sharing ways we have found to cope. There is currently no cure for Dravet’s Syndrome or RADS.
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