Watch Out For Those Suspicious Packages Here in Spokane

You just never know when your going to run into a suspicious package in Spokane, they seem to be just about everywhere. I was watching TV tonight for the first time in since I figured everything is available online that I would want to watch. They interrupted the show I was watching to report that a large part of downtown Spokane was shut down because the bomb squad was investigating a suspicious coffee mug. Apparently someone saw this “coffee mug” in a parking lot and picked it up. He said it was heavier than he thought it should be so he called 911. They sent out the bomb squad who used the bomb robot to check the suspicious “coffee mug”. They showed footage of the robot knocking over the “coffee mug” and said it made a pinging noise when it fell over, then the reporter said they would keep us updated on the situation.
Spokane Riverfront Park 20061014
I couldn’t resist waiting for the regular news to come on at 11 to find out what they had to say after they got the “situation” under control. The reporter on KREM 2 news said to imagine a round cylindrical object similar to a thermos, it just so happened that it was a thermos. The funny thing about Thermoses is that they are all heavy for their size. The Spokane police department said they would much rather come out for false alarms than have suspicious packages not reported but I cant imagine how a thermos in a parking lot gets this kind of attention. At the end they said that the police did find a fluid in the coffee mug but they aren’t saying what it is. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably COFFEE, hello. Talk about a slow news day for KREM 2. I personally believe the media goes way too far to get ratings, the hysteria they induce is not productive or beneficial for anyone but them.

The term suspicious package has always made me chuckle and I have always wondered what exactly makes a package suspicious. Who decides what is a suspicious package and what is just a regular old package? Do we really need the bomb squad to investigate everything that someone accidentally leaves in a parking lot? What happens when the bomb squad is running around after all of the coffee containers instead of the real suspicious packages? All because there was a real bomb here the other day and the local media got everybody all overly excited about it. Maybe that’s why the whole industry is in trouble.

Hidden Animal By-products in Your Food

I have been a vegetarian for many years now and one thing that really bothers me is the amount of hidden animal by-products in food. It can be really hard to find food that is completely vegetarian. Here are a few of the extremely common animal by products, that really bother me, that most people don’t even realize are made from animals.

Rennet- this is a complex of enzymes used in cheese making that usually come from baby cow or pig stomachs. The animals have to be young enough to have not been weaned for the rennet to have the proper enzymes to make cheese. There are many great substitutes for animal rennet such as microbial rennet. Most commercial cheeses that don’t specify that they are made from microbial rennet or  are made from animal rennet. If a cheese has chymosin on the label that is another word for animal rennet.

A cow

Gelatin-this is one of the ingredients that many people are likely to know comes from animals but I am shocked at how many people don’t know until I tell them. Gelatin is the main ingredient in products like Jello or Gummy Bears and can be found in many other products such as yogurt. Gelatin is usually made by boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones of cows and pigs after the meat has been harvested. It can also be made from fish or other animals. One of the best alternatives to gelatin is agar agar which is made from seaweed so it does not contain any animal products.

Magnesium Stearate-this is found primarily in  supplements and medications. It can also be in hard candies and baby formula. If the product doesn’t specify that the magnesium stearate is made from a vegetarian source it is probably made from animals.

Cochineal-also called Carmine this one is an especially big pet peeve of mine. This is a red coloring made by grinding up the cochineal beetle. This particular coloring can be found in yogurts, soft drinks, Juices and any other food product that is red or pink. There was recently a rule passed by the FDA requiring manufacturers to list this insect on food labels most likely because it can cause anaphylaxis. There are many great alternatives to using insects for coloring. Grape skins and beets are excellent natural vegetarian sources for red coloring.

I am not saying that nobody should consume these products. I do believe being a vegetarian or not is a very personal choice that everyone should be allowed to make for themselves. Everyone should also have the proper information about where the ingredients in their food comes from.

Field Agent, Another App That Pays You!

Field Agent iPhone
Field Agent iPhone

Field Agent Pays You For Mystery Shopping

I have found that one of the easiest ways to make money online is with iPhone Apps. So far the most lucrative App that I have been using is Field Agent which is free in the App Store. This app pays very well for doing simple fun tasks like taking a picture of a display or entering the prices of certain items in a store. I have been using the Field Agent app for about 3 weeks and I have made $22.50 in cash from 4 jobs. Most jobs pay between $4.00 and $6.50 but i have seen them as high as $10.50 and as low as $1.00. The jobs I have done so far have been: an audit of a demo with a picture at a WalMart, A picture of a display and some questions at 2 different WalMart stores, and I entered in prices of 10 items at a Costco. Each job took a just few minutes and paid immediately. They pay by paypal with no fees. There have been many jobs I did not take because I didn’t have the ability to do them in time.


How Field Agent Works

Unfortunately if you don’t grab the jobs right away someone else usually will. Once you accept a job you have a set amount of time to complete it before it gets put back for someone else to do. Every job I have done so far gave me 2 hours total to complete. There is plenty of time to scan products with The Checkpoints app or the Shopkick app while you are doing the jobs. You are rated for your work on a point scale. Everybody starts at 85 points with the maximum being 100. When you accept a job and finish it you get a point. If you don’t finish it you lose a point. If you provide inaccurate or bad information you lose 3 points. The best jobs are supposed to go to the Field Agents with the most points first. So far I have 90 Points total and would like to get 100 soon.

More Field Agent Info

The only downsides to the Field Agent app are the relatively small amount of jobs compared to the amount of Field Agents and that it is only available on the iPhone and iPod Touch at this time. I guess it’s a good thing for those of us that have iPhones. There is no referral compensation yet but they claim it is coming. I just wish I had found the Field Agent app sooner. Here is the link to the app, go make some money 😉


The website for field agent is
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Dark Chocolate as a Natural Pain Reliever

Chocolate is a safe and natural pain reliever. In addition to increasing natural endorphins, Chocolate contains the bliss molecule anandamide , a cannabinoid neurotransmitter that is also naturally produced in the brain. Even though it is related to THC, the main chemical in marijuana, it’s not exactly the same so it doesn’t produce a “high”. It does have an effect on the brain’s pleasure centers which causes some mild euphoria and reduced pain.

Dark Chocolate that is at least 70% (the higher the better) cacao mixed with, or eaten at the same time as, chili peppers has the best effect. Here are a few Dark Chocolate with chili bars I really like and some I have not yet tried.

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Apperang No Longer Pays You Cash to Install Apps on Your Apple Device

I just found this website Apperang that pays you to install apps on your Iphone, Ipad, or Ipod touch. You have to download the apps to your computer directly from the App Store then sync with your device. So far I have made $2.50 just downloading apps, it  pays directly to a verified PayPal account with a $1.00 minimum cash out. I accidentally cashed out the first time at $1.50. The payment was made quickly and without any fees. You can download both paid and free apps through Apperang, the payment is .25 cents for the free apps and .25 cents plus the cost of the app for the paid apps.

The only downsides to Apperang are the limited number of apps and occasionally an app won’t verify. I have only had 1 app not verify for me so far. Also it’s only available for Iphone users at this time.

There is also a 5% referral commission. My referral id is and I would really appreciate anyone signing up with it. Thanks.

Update As of July 2011 Apperang no longer pays you to download apps.