Get Paid To Watch Short Videos on Beezag

I’m always looking to find new ways to make decent money online in my spare time. I have been researching and signing up for lots of different programs lately so I can meet my goal of making a living entirely online. One of the best new sites for getting paid online that I have come across lately is Beezag. The amount you make compared to the time you spend on Beezag is amazing and you can use it with an iPhone.

At Beezag you earn money by watching short videos. In order to match your demographics to the right videos they will ask you 3 profile questions about your preferences before you can watch the videos. I just filled out all of my questions in my profile right away so I don’t see the questions anymore. You generally get a few videos to watch 2 times a day. There is a point system where 1000 points equals $1 and you need a minimum of $8 to cash out. Many of the  videos pay 250 points but some pay less, I have yet to see any that pay more than 250 points. There are also many sweepstakes that you are entered into for watching videos. Some videos pay only sweepstakes and some are a combination of points and sweepstakes. The sweepstakes prizes I have been entered into have ranged from a $50 gift certificate from Subway to an iPad 2. I got several sweepstakes entries for a 3 day Carnival Cruise in the last couple of days.

So far, I joined Beezag on March 21st and I earned 8000 points which is enough to cash out by April 1st, I also received 15 sweepstakes entries. Earning $8 in about 10 days with an investment of only a few minutes a day is a great return in my opinion. Payouts go to Paypal or you can donate them to different charities. I have found most of the videos to be quite enjoyable. The videos are mostly commercials and movie trailers but sometimes they are music videos. I have seen Lady Gaga, REM, Britney Spears and Keisha videos. The main catch is that you have to actually watch the video because there are numbers that pop up during the video and you are asked to verify them to prove you were watching.

Although I have not done it yet, when you make  a purchase from one of the advertisers you will get 5% back in the form of points on your purchase. There is also a decent referral program at Beezag. You get 10% of whatever your referrals earn. As always I really appreciate anybody signing up with my link, Thanks.

April 19th update It seems that the amount paid per video has been reduced but there are now much more videos to watch. Beezag sent me an email stating that there is a possibility of seeing 100, 250, and 500 point videos now. The majority of videos are worth 20 points and usually give a sweepstakes entry along with the points. Make sure you pay very close attention to the offers at the end of the video. I just was given a survey that took about 10 minutes and paid 1000 points. I feel it is still worth my time but I have not been earning as much as when I first started.

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