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Angry Birds Plush

Everybody seems to love Rovio’s Angry Birds these days. Why not, they are cute, fun and appropriate for the whole family. I enjoy playing it on my iPhone from time to time. I was blown away by the response I got from my post about Angry Birds Halloween Costumes, the only problem was that most of the costumes sold out long before Halloween. I was also surprised to find out that even my parents are into Angry Birds. My stepfather tried to get his mom (who is 88) hooked on it while we were waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner. She seemed to enjoy a little  but it’s doubtful she will buy a smartphone to download the app any time soon. I suggested to him that he should also check out Fruit Ninja since he likes Angry Birds so much.

Angry Birds Rio Toys

I have also been surprised to find so many Angry Birds officially licensed products, you know that you’ve arrived when they put you on a Band Aid. I think that Angry Birds Plush Toys are going to be a Popular item for Christmas gifts this year, I just hope everybody that wants them has a chance to get them before they sell out. The

Rovio has done such an amazing job marketing Angry Birds, I am surprised that they don’t have a cartoon series yet (although I have heard there is one in the works). There are several limited edition Angry Birds plush toys with the main Angry birds wearing silly hats as well as Christmas stockings.  All of these items are eligible for free shipping if they are ordered directly from Amazon. Most of these plush toys come either with or without sound. I personally think I would prefer the toys that don’t have sound in my house but I’m sure Zoe would disagree.

There have been many visits to my blog by people concerned about lead in Angry Birds Toys. Every year it seems like there are rumors about one toy or another containing lead. I have researched this matter and the only reputable source I could find about this topic is this article from the New York times about the dangers of counterfeit Angry Birds products. The Angry Birds products mentioned on this blog are all officially licensed and there is no reason to be concerned about them. Any counterfeit items, however, should always be avoided no matter how good of a deal it seems.

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8 thoughts on “Angry Birds Plush Toys

  1. I’d prefer toys in my house that don’t have LEAD! I can’t believe these plush toys are being peddled in the US when they are clearly marked as having lead in them, and can shed lead tainted dust. Who in their right mind would give one of these lead tainted plush toys to a child or grandchild?

    • What is clearly marked as containing lead? The only concern I have found is speculation about counterfeit toys. It is wise to avoid counterfeit anything because you never know what is in it or who made it. If you stick to officially licensed products like I mentioned, you are unlikely to have any problems.

  2. I don’t understand why or how this Angry birds became a trend. They don’t look adorable at all and I don’t think it’s setting a good example for kids. Being angry is definitely not something positive.

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