Watch Out For Those Suspicious Packages Here in Spokane

You just never know when your going to run into a suspicious package in Spokane, they seem to be just about everywhere. I was watching TV tonight for the first time in since I figured everything is available online that I would want to watch. They interrupted the show I was watching to report that a large part of downtown Spokane was shut down because the bomb squad was investigating a suspicious coffee mug. Apparently someone saw this “coffee mug” in a parking lot and picked it up. He said it was heavier than he thought it should be so he called 911. They sent out the bomb squad who used the bomb robot to check the suspicious “coffee mug”. They showed footage of the robot knocking over the “coffee mug” and said it made a pinging noise when it fell over, then the reporter said they would keep us updated on the situation.
Spokane Riverfront Park 20061014
I couldn’t resist waiting for the regular news to come on at 11 to find out what they had to say after they got the “situation” under control. The reporter on KREM 2 news said to imagine a round cylindrical object similar to a thermos, it just so happened that it was a thermos. The funny thing about Thermoses is that they are all heavy for their size. The Spokane police department said they would much rather come out for false alarms than have suspicious packages not reported but I cant imagine how a thermos in a parking lot gets this kind of attention. At the end they said that the police did find a fluid in the coffee mug but they aren’t saying what it is. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably COFFEE, hello. Talk about a slow news day for KREM 2. I personally believe the media goes way too far to get ratings, the hysteria they induce is not productive or beneficial for anyone but them.

The term suspicious package has always made me chuckle and I have always wondered what exactly makes a package suspicious. Who decides what is a suspicious package and what is just a regular old package? Do we really need the bomb squad to investigate everything that someone accidentally leaves in a parking lot? What happens when the bomb squad is running around after all of the coffee containers instead of the real suspicious packages? All because there was a real bomb here the other day and the local media got everybody all overly excited about it. Maybe that’s why the whole industry is in trouble.