Survey Apps That Pay You

Get Paid For Filling Out Surveys

Apps that pay you are a very convenient way to make some supplemental income in your spare time. They also help you to offset the cost of owning a smartphone and paying for internet. Here is a another list of apps that pay you, this time the focus is on getting paid for surveys. Although some apps are more lucrative than survey apps, especially Field Agent and Checkpoints, I believe surveys are a really good way to boost your online income with very little effort. The biggest advantage of using survey apps over typical online surveys is that the surveys from apps tend to be very short. It is easy to get burned out pretty quick with online surveys but the surveys from survey apps are usually the length of polls and pay amazingly well compared to the time they take to fill out. All of these apps are free for you to use and I have personally tested and been paid from each of them at least once, I recommend them all.


Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go is an excellent survey app that pays you between  for each short survey you fill out. It is available for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android. Surveys can pay as much as $5 and as little as .25 but most of the ones I have taken so far have been $1. I have been using Surveys On The Go for just a couple of months now and so far I have been paid the $10 minimum 1 time. They paid me directly to my PayPal account right away, they do pay by electronic check so Paypal holds the funds a few extra days.

So far I have only had 2 surveys that I didn’t qualify for out of 13, they don’t tell you that you don’t qualify ahead of time but the time to fill out a survey is much less than qualifiers at other sites . They just announced in the last few days that there should now be at least 1 survey every week. It is important to check this app often for new surveys because the slots fill up  fast and push notifications on phones are not always the most reliable. At this time there is no referral program but the company has told me they are working on one. Here is the App Store℠ and a link to the site:
Here is the free download link for Surveys On The Go  for Android in the Google Play Store. Mobile App

The Mobile App is paid survey app for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. I have been using it for a few months and I have been paid $8.00 directly to my PayPal. The minimum amount to get paid is $7.50.

There are generally a large amount of mini surveys to take and they usually pay between .10 to .25 but the can pay up to $10. Sometimes there are surveys that are free but they are generally qualifiers to get higher paying surveys. Surveys are divided up by category and you can take as many as you want. They are usually available for several days once they are posted in the app. Here is a link to the website.


Here is the link to download the app free from the Google Play Store.


Here is the link to download the App free from the App Store:



Npolls is another good app that pays you to answer polls. The results of these polls are then used to provide data for Magic Numbers Magazine available at iTunes Newsstand. The polls are mini surveys that are usually between 10- 15 questions long and they are about a variety of questions. You can get NPolls on your iPhone, iPad,  iPod Touch, Android, or Windows Phone 7.  So far I have been using NPolls for the last couple of months  and  have answered 91 polls, I have been paid $10.00 Directly to my Paypal.


You are generally paid .20 for each poll that you answer but you can be paid more for polls about apps that require a download. When you reach the minimum payment of $10 you are paid automatically by through Paypal. The payments are sent in batches so it can take a few days to receive payment. It is important to make sure that you log in to the website to give them your Paypal email, you won’t get paid until you do. At this time there is no referral program but the company has told me they will include one in the next update. Here is the website and the iTunes link:
Here is the link to download Npolls For Android for free  in the Google Play Store.

Here is the  Npolls Windows Phone 7free download in the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Thanks for checking out my list of survey apps that pay you. I will add more as I am able to test more and they are worthy of a recommendation. In the mean time please check out this link for an excellent site with more information about these apps and many more apps that pay you.

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The Best iPhone, iPad, and iTouch Protection

Protecting Your iPhone

Do I Need To Buy Apple Care?

My very first smartphone was an iPhone 3g I got as a Christmas gift from my mom in 2008. When I received it I had absolutely no clue how to keep it in decent shape. She also got me a $50 leather iPhone case from AT&T to go with it but the case turned out to be very flimsy and fell apart long before the first year was up on my contract. After that case disintegrated, I did some research about the best ways to protect my iPhone. Luckily, my friend and personal computer geek Tom, talked me into reluctantly purchasing
AppleCare, that was the best decision I could have made. The factory warranty from Apple only lasts for the first year of your 2 year contract. It cost me $69(one time) in 2009 but I ended up returning my iPhone3g for replacement a total of 4 times without any extra charge. I got 2 iphones with bad WiFi, one with faulty wiring, and one that didn’t work right when they gave it to me. Without Apple Care it would have cost several hundred dollars to for each replacement phone. I usually avoid any kind of extended warranty or insurance that isn’t necessary but this is one I think is critical. There are a bunch of extra benefits including free phone support and free replacement of the power cords and headphones that wear out. Now I have an iPhone 4 and I will be buying AppleCareagain.

Protecting Your iPhone From Scratches And Damage

How do I Protect My iPhone Screen?

Every time I went in for a replacement the Apple “Geniuses” filled out a form indicating the shape of the iPhone before replacing it. The first iPhone I had was in really rough shape by the time it needed to be replaced. I was lucky because the WiFi went out making it mechanically defective, even though my screen was damaged and cracked in multiple places, they replaced the iPhone at no charge because I had Apple Care. When I got the new iPhone I was grateful to have a second chance to have a nice new looking phone again. I immediately purchased an invisibleSHIELD by Zagg, they are amazing. The invisibleSHIELD is made of the same material that is used to coat military helicopter blades to protect them from high speed damage. It uses Nano-Memory technology to self-heal and resist abrasion. I found that it kept my iPhone screen in mint condition, free from wear and tear, while also maintaining excellent visibility. The invisibleSHIELD comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, and is available for most devices including: iPhone, iPhone3g and 3gs, iPhone4 and 4s, iTouch, iPad, iPad2, Blackberry, Android, and Motorola Droids to name a few. I found the installation to be pretty simple and it comes with everything you need to do it right. I have used this to protect every iPhone I have had since the second one and they have all had perfect screens the entire time I have owned them. You have the option of getting a full body wrap or just the screen. I have personally always opted for just the screen and used a case for the body.

How Do I Choose The Best Case?

Ultimately the best case for your phone is going to be the one you like carrying around and having people see all the time. Some styles are more durable and protect much better than others. There are so many different cases to choose from, don’t let the prices fool you. A very expensive case can be poor quality just like a cheap case. After my original $50 black leather case from AT&T failed in the first year, I decided to find a better case. In my opinion the best cases for protecting iPhones, iPads,and iTouches, are made of soft material like silicone to give it a nice cushion if it falls. I think using a hard case or shell is not a very good idea, unless it is well cushioned inside, since it does not absorb the shock of being dropped or bumped around. You really want your phone to bounce if it falls on the ground. My personal favorite cases are by Case-Mate. I like them because they fit perfectly, look good, and protect my iPhone well.  Casemate cases  are not big and bulky like Otterbox. I have nothing against Otterbox, I have heard great things about them, I just personally prefer a small sleek lightweight case, that is easy to carry around and provides excellent protection for my iPhone. I have never had any scratches or damage on the 5 iPhones I have put in Casemate cases with invisibleSHIELD screens.

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Apperang No Longer Pays You Cash to Install Apps on Your Apple Device

I just found this website Apperang that pays you to install apps on your Iphone, Ipad, or Ipod touch. You have to download the apps to your computer directly from the App Store then sync with your device. So far I have made $2.50 just downloading apps, it  pays directly to a verified PayPal account with a $1.00 minimum cash out. I accidentally cashed out the first time at $1.50. The payment was made quickly and without any fees. You can download both paid and free apps through Apperang, the payment is .25 cents for the free apps and .25 cents plus the cost of the app for the paid apps.

The only downsides to Apperang are the limited number of apps and occasionally an app won’t verify. I have only had 1 app not verify for me so far. Also it’s only available for Iphone users at this time.

There is also a 5% referral commission. My referral id is and I would really appreciate anyone signing up with it. Thanks.

Update As of July 2011 Apperang no longer pays you to download apps.