Dark Chocolate as a Natural Pain Reliever

Chocolate is a safe and natural pain reliever. In addition to increasing natural endorphins, Chocolate contains the bliss molecule anandamide , a cannabinoid neurotransmitter that is also naturally produced in the brain. Even though it is related to THC, the main chemical in marijuana, it’s not exactly the same so it doesn’t produce a “high”. It does have an effect on the brain’s pleasure centers which causes some mild euphoria and reduced pain.

Dark Chocolate that is at least 70% (the higher the better) cacao mixed with, or eaten at the same time as, chili peppers has the best effect. Here are a few Dark Chocolate with chili bars I really like and some I have not yet tried.

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The Food Of The Gods

What’s so great about dark chocolate? I love dark chocolate so much I eat it all the time. Dark chocolate tastes great and makes me feel really good. Here is my first infobarrel about some of the benefits of eating dark chocolate.