How Many Shopko Employees Does it Take to Find a DVD That’s on Sale?

So yesterday my daughter was sick. Her mom asked me to go to Shopko to pick up a Rent DVD that was on sale for 6.99 that day only. I thought it sounded like a really simple task and besides I could fire up my new Checkpoints app and earn a few points while I was at it. After looking for awhile I asked an employee to help me find this Rent DVD that was prominently featured in the ad. He went to find the ad while I scanned a few items.

When he came back with the ad we looked some more and couldn’t find it so we went to the front of the store. He checked with 2 of the cashiers who of course didn’t know so he called the store manager. While we waited for the store manager he told me he didn’t understand why Shopko does “this” making it sound like “this” happens often. I told him that’s how they get people in the door. When the manager arrived he told us to check some of the front end displays we had already checked and then he called the pricing coordinator. The pricing coordinator called the electronics specialist and the 5 of us went searching for this item.

It took the store manager, the pricing coordinator, the electronics specialist, and the employee without a title about 30 minutes total to find this Rent DVD that was in their ad. So the answer is 4 if you don’t count the 2 cashiers who just said they didn’t know.  When I brought it back, my daughter’s mother she said she would have given up without asking for help. Why does it take 4 Shopko employees to find a DVD that’s on sale? Good question I’m reminded of a certain “Polack” joke from the movie Raising Arizona: