LED Christmas Lights

 Why You Should Buy LED Christmas Lights

LED or light emitting diode lights first became commercially available in the 1960’s but they have been prohibitively expensive to buy until the last few years. LED technology has been rapidly improving in recent years making LED lighting affordable for nearly any application. There were some problems with early LED Christmas lights such as lack of color choices and problems with durability but most of those issues have been solved. LED Christmas lights are available in many different colors now including white, green, blue, red, purple, amber, clear and multicolor. You can get them rated for use indoors, outdoors, or both. There are a variety of shapes and styles, you can even get ones that flash just like incandescent lights. It is important, of course, to buy them from a reputable company and to make sure they have a decent warranty.

Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

The biggest reason to switch from incandescent Christmas lights to LED Christmas lights is of course the fact that they save you money. In addition to saving you money they are also much better for the environment, they don’t contain any toxic chemicals such as mercury which is found in CFL lights. The energy savings is substantial, they use about %15 of the electricity that incandescent lights use. With all of that energy savings you can afford more Christmas gifts.  The next most important reason is the longevity of the LEDs, If they are properly cared for they can last about 10 times longer than incandescent lights so you wont be replacing them for a long time.  LED Christmas lights don’t get hot like incandescent Christmas lights do so there isn’t a risk of fires, since they use such a small amount of electricity you are able to put more of them on your circuit. With LEDs you no longer need every bulb to function in order to keep your string of bulbs working. LED Christmas lights come encased in plastic so there is no glass to break.

Solar LED Christmas Lights

These are a really amazing idea, all the fun of Christmas lights with absolutely no electricity expense at all. They run on a rechargeable AA battery.The sun charges these lights during the day then they automatically come on at night for about 8 hours. The only drawback is that they tend not to have as much brightness as plug in lights. You can put them anywhere and you don’t need any dangerous extension cords to run them. These are great for decorating near roads or mailboxes or anywhere that you don’t have an electrical outlet really close.

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  1. If LED Christmas Lights have so many benefits we should all be using LED Lights. I’ve still not tried the decorative lights so keeping in mind the green concept I’m planning to use these lights.

  2. Using LED Christmas lights is indeed a really good option to have. My family and I had changed to using the LED lights on holidays. It looks even better, and lasts longer.

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