Viggle: A New iPhone App That Pays You To Watch TV

UPDATE – June, 2014 – I have not used Viggle for well over a year. The point values have decreased to a point where it no longer makes sense for me to use. Some people who watch a large amount of TV might benefit from it but the numbers in this original post are no longer close to the current earning potential.

Viggle Pays You During Your Spare Time

I have written about several apps that you can earn money with like Checkpoints and Field Agent but no other app provides the same amount of earnings for as little effort as Viggle. I downloaded Viggle a little more than a week ago and I have just been amazed at how great the earning potential is from this app. In the first 3 days, they had a special deal on amazon gift cards and I was able to pick up $30 worth. In few days since I have accumulated enough points to buy a $10 iTunes gift card and another $25 Amazon  gift card, that is a total of $65 in gift cards in just 9 days. I think everybody with an Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad needs to try this app.


How To Earn Gift Cards With Viggle

Check ins

Viggle pays you points to check in and watch television shows at the rate of 60 points per hour. There are a large amount of shows that include an added bonus for watching them for at least 10 minutes that is paid in addition to the 60 points per hour. At the time of this writing the biggest bonus opportunities are The Voice and American Idol which offer 400 points each. Some of the other shows that currently offer bonuses are Smash (325 points), Alcatraz (250 points),  Gossip Girl (300 points), and The River 300 points, Just to name a few. I was lucky enough to check in during the Super Bowl and managed to make almost 10,000 points between checking in and playing their interactive trivia game.

Watching Commercials

There are various commercials and trailers available to watch throughout the app that usually pay between 5 and 125 points each depending on the length and how many times you have watched them. So far I have not seen any that are longer that 3 minutes and some of them are as short as 15 seconds. Sometimes the commercials don’t give any points and a few times I have watched 30 point commercials and received 100 points instead. Usually if you watch all of the available bonus commercials there are more after you check in to a show or leave the app for awhile.



There are several different games to play in Viggle such as trivia and My Guy that pay you various amounts to play. Games are not always available and I have seen many different ones come and go.

Training And Reminders

There are random training sessions scattered around the app that pay you 15 points to look at a few screens telling you how to do things like get help and invite friends. You can randomly get paid 10 points to set reminders for your favorite shows.


There is a referral program that pays you 200 points for every referral after they have done an initial check in.


Here is the link to download Viggle for free on Android in the Google Play Store.


What Are The Viggle Points Worth?

There are several different prize levels, they start at 7500 points for a $5 gift card available for Starbucks, Target, Hot Topic, Burger King, Best Buy, and others.  There is a 14000 point $10 level that includes iTunes, Sephora, Old Navy, And Sephora. The 21,000 point $15 level includes Best Buy and Target. The most expensive Gift Card is a $25 Amazon gift card for 35,000 points. You can also get an iPod shuffle for 100,000 or a Kindle for 175,000 points. If you prefer there are charities to donate points to as well. At this time you are limited to $550 in rewards per year not including any contest winnings.

Viggle Deals

So far I have seen 3 different Viggle deals, which are prizes priced way below the regular price for a limited time. The first one was Amazon $5 gift cards for 4000 points which lasted a few days. I also saw a $5 Fandango gift card for 4000 points, the current deal, as of this writing, is a month of Hulu Plus Service for 6500 points


Update July 30, 2012 –  I have made a total of $245 in Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

So far this app is amazing and I highly recommend it to anybody with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The amount of effort it takes to earn awesome rewards is negligible. There are a few bugs still that I am sure will be worked out when the app has been around for awhile. Sometimes there are issues checking in to shows and it seems like the times are of a little but please don’t let little stuff discourage you from this opportunity.


Also please check out for more information about this and many other apps that pay you.





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9 thoughts on “Viggle: A New iPhone App That Pays You To Watch TV

  1. I saved up a bunch of points and now I cannot redeem them.
    I was saving for a Kindle but I read all the negative reviews in the app store about people not being able to redeem points. This looks like a scam. The redemption says that it requires me to fill out all my profile. I try to do this and it keeps saying the request cannot be completed. There is no way to redeem points because I need to complete my profile, but Viggle does not let me complete my profile.

    • That’s strange,I assure you it is not a scam. To date I have redeemed 15 gift cards for a total of $135. I have not had any issues at all with redeeming my points. Have you tried contacting Viggle Support? In my experience they respond very quickly.

  2. That sounds interesting. I can’t fully understand how Viggle works so I think I have to try it first. Thanks for this info. 🙂

  3. Hi Stan!
    Do you know how people are able to get to the 12,000 a day limit? I am lucky if I can get 2,000 a day. I’m wondering what other people’s secrets are?


    • Hi Robin,
      Just checking in for 12 hours a day will only get you a maximum of 1,440 points. The best way to get to 12,000 a day is to watch ads and check in to shows, you can watch ads within Viggle while you are checked in. All of the ads were 100 points in the beginning but they have been reduced since then so it takes a little longer. If you pay attention to the shows that give bonus points you need to be checked in for at least 10 minutes of the show to receive your bonus, checking in to multiple shows that have bonuses in a night will boost points fast. You can also pick up points by sharing your check ins on Facebook and Twitter. Viggle Live is an excellent way to get big points during certain events, I think I got well over 10,000 points during the Super Bowl!

      I hope this helps!

  4. This is really interesting. Good thing I got my iphone 4 now and will try downloading viggle for my benefit.

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