Bird Feeding Dog Noodles

I saw this on the news while using the Viggle app and I just had to share, it is really cute. This bird is feeding a dog noodles that it is dipping in sauce. Clearly the dog and the bird are very comfortable with each other. It was suggested on the news that the bird thinks it is feeding worms to it’s baby. I think that the bird and dog are just good friends.

My father used to have a dog he got from the pound named Midget that was very close to all of the animals that he lived with, he was a cross between a chow and a border collie. We had a rooster and some wild animal tried to mess with it, Midget took care of the animal very quickly. Dogs can be very sweet.

8 thoughts on “Bird Feeding Dog Noodles

  1. That is so cute! You see that the bird’s dipping it in sauce before feeding the dog. Haha, birds are really smart and dogs are sweet. I love really love dogs. Planning to buy a chow chow breed, they are so cute and I’m eager to buy it.

  2. xD that’s so funny! I’ve never seen that. by the way What’s your favorite things to do?

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