An iPhone App For Pain Relief

I have been in a great deal of pain lately as a result of my recent car accident. I am always searching for alternatives to medication since there are no drugs, that I know of, without any nasty side effects. I was able to find a really great app called Pain Killer 2.0 that was created specifically for pain relief.

Pain Killer 2.0 uses binaural beats, which are a form of  brainwave entrainment, to make your brain release more endorphins. It has multiple settings for different types of pain and a timer so you don’t listen for too long. There are instructions in the app about how long to listen to each setting and at what volume. I have found this app to be pretty effective at reducing pain. It doesn’t quite work as well as prescription pain relievers but I think it is more effective than over the counter pain medicine. It also is very effective for reducing stress as well.

One downside to this app is that there is nothing masking the binaural beats so anyone who doesn’t like listening to the raw tones may find it annoying. I personally don’t mind at all and I think that anyone could get used to it, especially since it does help with pain and stress, which are much harder to tolerate.

I think $2.99 is a great price for this app and anyone who has an iPhone can easily afford it. Here is the link:

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4 thoughts on “An iPhone App For Pain Relief

  1. Never heard of a pain relief app, technology has really advanced. Amazing to imagine how the beats work on the endorphins. $2.99 to get relief from a headache?!! completely fine. I’ll certainly try to find more about this app.

  2. Is this true? It’s for iPhone to have released such a feature. It’s very user-friendly since it provides health benefits.

  3. I have never had a bulging disk. I have had cortizone injections in my feet and I can say it was not a good experience. I think it is better to try to relieve pain with natural remedies like meditation and chocolate.

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