We Only Have 2 Weeks Left To Vote For Dravet Syndrome

Thank you to everyone who is voting for The Dravet Syndrome Foundation, and for all of the other rare childhood diseases in the Vivint Gives Back Project on Facebook. I doubt the Dravet Syndrome Foundation is actually going to win but as of right now we are number 12 overall and number 7 in the region with 33,218 votes. I think what we have achieved is a much bigger awareness of Dravet Syndrome which is an important step toward a cure. We have also managed to raise $2,720 in donations which are matched by Vivint.

I would like to also tell everyone that as of this week my daughter Zoe is no longer on any type of seizure medication. We are controlling her seizures with just the ketogenic diet. So far we have noticed an amazing improvement in her energy levels and vocabulary since weaning her from the medication, she also seems much happier. Zoe has not had a seizure in over 7 weeks now, 8 weeks is the record since we started the ketogenic diet.

Once again here is the link to vote for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation:


Remember everyone can vote once everyday until August 27th.