Another Great Reason to Shop at Amazon!

There are so many reason why I really enjoy shopping at They have an amazing selection and it is really easy to comparison shop between different sellers in the Amazon Marketplace. I think their gift card system is second to none, Amazon gift cards are available almost everywhere and most of the good online incentive programs like Swagbucks and Checkpoints give out Amazon gift cards for free. Usually I can find products at or below what they are available for in stores. The only real concern is what happens when something goes wrong?

So far I have had 2 orders that I placed on through Amazon on the Marketplace be completely wrong. The first time it happened The seller (BlueProton) sent me a generic knock off of the Item I ordered which didn’t work at all. When I asked the seller to take it back and send me the correct product they refused to respond. I filed an A to Z Guarantee claim and within several days Amazon refunded me the entire purchase price without any questions or further action on my part. I was not even asked to return the Item (I think the only good place for this particular item is the trash anyway). The second time it happened was last week, I ordered a multi-pack of an Item and the seller (The Vitamin Shoppe) Shipped me just a single item. I called the customer service line and was told it wasn’t their responsibility to ship the item I ordered since they believed I purchased a single not a multi-pack regardless of what i was invoiced and had paid for, so I should contact Amazon. I sent an e-mail to the seller and received the same response. I had Amazon call me and within minutes they apologized and refunded more than twice what I had paid in the form of an Amazon credit without requesting a return.

I feel that Amazon has exceeded my expectations in many ways especially the times that my purchases have had problems. I have not had the same experience with most other companies of that size. Due to their excellent customer service and the great shopping experience I usually have there, I will continue to purchase from them for a long time. I just wish that more companies would value their customers as much as Amazon does.