Where I Have Been For The Last Couple Of Months

I was in my first somewhat major car accident about 2 months ago. I was driving my little Saturn SL1 when an 18 year old in a Suburban without insurance decided to run a stop sign, crossing right in front of me while I was going about 30-35 mph. I am just extremely grateful that my daughter Zoe was not in the car with me. It was also my first ride in an ambulance as a patient. Since I don’t currently have health insurance I found it to be almost impossible to find a doctor to treat me, which really doesn’t make any sense, since the PIP coverage on my Progressive auto policy doesn’t discount when they pay the doctors. Now 2 months later I have finally found a good doctor and have started massage therapy. I will start physical therapy next week. I am pretty certain that I have a torn rotator cuff. The pain is still substantial but seems to be decreasing very slowly from the massages.  On the bright side Zoe and I were able to get a Buick Park Avenue, which is a much bigger and safer car, when Progressive totaled our Saturn.

What Was Left Of My Car After I ran Into The SuburbanIt was a little humorous to hear the other driver telling the sheriff that the accident should not be ruled his fault because he has no insurance. I really don’t understand how anybody could even think that it is remotely OK to drive without car insurance. He, of course, was ticketed for running a stop sign and not having insurance. I highly recommend always having Uninsured/Under-insured motorist coverage and PIP coverage whether you feel you need it or not. There are too many people without insurance on the road and if you have an accident with them they won’t be held liable for your losses.

I just want everyone to know that I am still here and I have lots of new material on the way. I am at a point where feel I will be able to regularly update the blog again very soon. It is rather exciting to see how many people have been finding my blog lately. I really appreciate all of the continued support.