You Know What They Say About Guys Who Have Big Feet

That’s right, it’s almost impossible to find shoes that actually fit. Especially ones that I can afford.  Actually I have really wide feet, you could even say freakishly wide feet. My feet are size 12 but they are 7E wide thats 12EEEEEEE. I think I have found 7E wide shoes once in my life. I don’t remember what I paid but it was substantial and they were not very comfortable. When I was a teenager I would wear size 15 shoes because they were much more comfortable width wise but they were kind of ridiculous looking. One time I hired a lady in Seattle who designed and build custom shoes to make me a pair of shoes that would fit me just right for about $600. I paid her 50% down, she took a cast of my feet, and was supposed to deliver the shoes in several months. She just ended up stealing my $300.

In the last several years I have been going to a couple of different local wide shoe specialty stores but I end up spending at least $150 a pair for 6E wide shoes. Every time I try to buy shoes at the wide shoe specialty stores I end up waiting because my shoes always need to be special ordered anyway, wide shoe stores don’t really cater to people whose feet are as wide as mine. There have been times when the suppliers have been unable to get the same shoes  I usually buy for months at a time because 12 6E is a really uncommon size. For most people E or EE shoes are considered wide.  I tend to get really frustrated, cancel the order, then walk around in my old shoes until they fall apart.  My feet really suffer and are usually in a significant amount of pain because of these issues. I have developed Plantar fasciitis which is an extremely painful swelling of the fascia on the bottom of my feet which I’m sure has a lot to do with wearing shoes well past their “expiration date”.

It just occurred to me today to check Amazon for wide shoes. I was blown away by the prices. Here are the New Balance shoes I have been paying $150 a pair for locally, after they are special ordered and when they are available, for less than $90 with free shipping. If I had thought to check sooner I probably would have had less trouble with my feet and I certainly would have saved a substantial amount of money per purchase. I realize that most people don’t have wide feet but hopefully some people that do will find this, read it, and save lots of time and money from it. I am going to order a pair from Amazon very soon.

If you’re wondering if it is really true what they say about guys with big feet. The answer is it’s absolutely true. I also have a heck of time finding gloves that fit.

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