Disney Princess Costumes

We had a princess themed party for Zoe’s second birthday and she had a really good time but she didn’t really understand what a princess was yet.  Zoe is now 4 and has become very fascinated with Disney princesses, she really seems to want to be a princess for Halloween this year, I think she is going to be Cinderella. One of the nice things about princess costumes is that girls love princess dress up anytime, not just on Halloween.

I think most people are very familiar with the majority of Disney princesses. Most of them are fictional characters from traditional Fairy Tales many of which appeared in Grimm’s Fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. They started marketing them as in 1999 as the Disney princess brand and it has been an amazing success. So far Disney has 10 different princesses in their lineup.

Right now there is a big Halloween sale and all of these costumes are 30% to 90% off for a limited time

The 6 original Disney princess costumes are:

Snow White Costume

Snow White – is the main Character from the very first Disney animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which came out in 1937. This is an officially licensed Snow White costume. This Deluxe Snow White Costume for girls comes with the blue and yellow princess costume dress and petticoat, a detachable red cape, the character cameo and the red bow headband.

Girls Deluxe Snow White Costume - Snow White Costumes

Cinderella Costume

Cinderella – Is the main Character from Disney’s 12th animated film Cinderella, which was based on the  French story Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. This officially licensed Disney Girls Deluxe Shimmer Cinderella Kids Costume includes the deluxe sparkly blue dress with peplum and roses, the petticoat and the blue headband.
Girls Deluxe Shimmer Cinderella Costume - Cinderella Costumes

Aurora Costume

Aurora– Is the Main character from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, which came out in 1959. Sleeping Beauty was also a story from Originally from Charles Perrault and later the Brothers Grimm. This officially licensed Disney Girls Deluxe Shimmer Aurora Costume includes the deluxe sparkly pink and white dress with peplum and roses, the petticoat and the headband tiara.

Girls Deluxe Shimmer Aurora Costume - Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Ariel Costume

Ariel-is the main character from Disney’s The Little Mermaid which came out in 1989 and is based on the Hans Christian Anderson story of the same name. This Storybook Ariel Prestige Edition Costume for children includes the dress with glittered character art on the skirt, a fishtail, headband and character cameo.
Girls Prestige Ariel Costume - Disney's The Little Mermaid

Belle Costume

Belle – is the one of the main characters from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, which came out in 1989. This Storybook Belle Prestige Edition Kids Costume includes the dress with petticoat and glittered character art on the skirt. It also has a character cameo and matching headpiece.

Girls Storybook Prestige Belle Costume - Disney's Beauty and The Beast Costumes

Jasmine Costume

Jasmine- is one of the main characters from Disney’s Aladdin Movies: Aladdin, The Return Of Jafar, and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. This Storybook Jasmine Prestige Edition Girls Costume includes the top with character cameo, full-leg pants with glittered character art and the bejeweled headpiece.
Girls Prestige Storybook Jasmine Costume - Disney's Aladdin Costumes

Some of the newer Disney princess costumes include:

Tiana Costume

Tiana – is the main character from the Disney movie The Princess And The Frog, that came out in 2009. This officially licensed Girls Deluxe Shimmer Princess Tiana Costume includes the deluxe green and white sparkly dress, petticoat and the sparkling tiara from Disney’s Princess and the Frog movie.
Girls Deluxe Shimmer Princess Tiana Costume - The Princess And The Frog Costumes

Rapunzel Costume

Rapunzel– is the main character from Disney’s 50th animated feature film Tangled, which came out in 2010. This officially licensed Girls Deluxe Shimmer Tangled Rapunzel costume from the Disney Tangled movie includes the pink and purple princess costume dress with peplum, cameo, petticoat and the jeweled headband.  Wig available separately.
Girls Deluxe Tangled Rapunzel Costume - Rapunzel Tangled Costumes

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Butterfly Halloween Costumes

Zoe wouldn't slow down in her butterfly costume

I’m very excited for Halloween this year. Last year was the first time my daughter Zoe seemed to really understand the whole concept of dressing up and going trick – or – treating. Although she won’t be able to eat the candy because of her diet, I think this year will be even more exciting for her. This year her favorite costume ideas are Princess Costumes , Fairy Costumes, and Mermaid Costumes.  Last Halloween Zoe wore the cutest little Butterfly Costume that she absolutely loved, she wouldn’t stop running long enough for me to get a decent picture of her in it with my iPhone. By the time Halloween was over her poor little butterfly wings had gotten very tired and I think they were just about ready to fall off.

Zoe's Butterfly Halloween Costume
Zoe’s Butterfly Halloween Costume

Luckily Zoe’s mom had taken some good pictures of her in her Butterfly Costume, several days before Halloween, that she shared with me. Butterfly costumes are very cute and they are perfect costumes for little girls and adults. There is even a cute toddler Butterfly Costume. The adult costumes are, of course, much different than than the kids costumes. The best prices I have found online so far for Butterfly Costumes and Butterfly Accessories is Wholesale Costume Club. You can Buy Costumes at Low Wholesale Prices with FrButterfly Princess Child Girls Costumeee Membership at Wholesale Costume Club – Use Code SAVENOW. Memberships to Wholesale Costume Club are normally $5.00 but they are free with the code and provide benefits such as reduced shipping and lower costume prices.

Zoe’s costume was the Monarch Butterfly and it was adorable, but there are several different types of Butterfly Costumes available such as Orange Butterflies and Butterfly Princess. They also carry some other really cute Bug Costumes with wings, I really liked the Bumblebee Costumes and the Dragonfly Costume.